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Speelservice offers the most fun and challenging playground sets for all ages in partnership with VrienDD. Children will love the refreshing new play options!


Hags Unimini:: A complete offer of modular playground sets with dimensions especially created for small children. The sets invite children to play shop owner, to climb, to slide, to crawl through tunnels and to play games.

Hags Uniplay: A modular play system with over 50 exciting play functions and endless combination possibilities. There's a huge choice of climbing nets, slides, games, climbing walls, tunnels and spinning sets.

Hags Zingo: A funny and colourful play system that is especially designed to promote the school performance and physical and social development of children. Climbing sets, spring riders, watchtowers and slides.

Hags Agito: An innovative play system with flexible play possibilities which invite exercise and play due to a combination of climbing walls, slides, balance beams and climbing nets. All Hags Agito sets are available in two colours: blue and grey.

Hags Solo: These separate products are meant for individual use or as a finishing touch for playgrounds, including climbing sets, slides, spring riders, swings, playhouses and sandboxes.


Unimini Uniplay Zingo
unimini uniplay zingo
Agito Solo VrienDD
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