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HomeGrass Group is the total supplier of artificial grass products that can be used for every thinkable application. HomeGrass Group delivers a unique and fantastic end result with materials and tools for in the garden and play and sport, with or without artificial gras.

The ideal solution to edge a pond! The edging can realise a beautifully finished pond edge, which is level and shows as little foil as possible. Because they are bendable people can roll them in the right shapes. The edging is available in rolls of 25 meters long. We also offer you lats with a length of 2 and 3 meters when you have a rectilinear pond. The edge of a border or garden path with pebbles, split, bark, shells and more can create a beautiful finish for the edging. Click here for a video of this product.


  •  Ecological: fabricated from recycled plastics
  •  Bendable: ideal for rolling shapes
  •  Rot resistant
  •  Long life expectancy
  •  Suitable for the edging of ponds, garden paths and borders
  •  Quick to transport (on a roll)


  •  Rolls of 25 meters in length with a height of 14 and 19 cm
  •  Planks of 2 meters in length with a height of 14 and 19 cm
  •  Planks of 3 meters in length with a height of 14 cm
  •  Pickets of 38 cm in height
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Bound rubber: Safety and fun in one product
HomeGrass Group combines the care for children and the environment in her rubber scraps, whether bound or not. Completely made out of car tires the rubber scraps are proven to be one of the safest fall grounds under playground sets. Rubber scraps offer superior fall protection. In comparison with wooden chips and sand you need considerably less material for the same result. Rubber scraps are more durable as well: they don't rot and don't get blown or flushed away. Rubber scraps are an amazing experience for children. The elastic surface invites to playing, playing and more playing. For parents rubber scraps are a safe feeling. .

The (bound) rubber is certified according to three norms:

  • Certified fall heights to up to 3 meters according to norm NEN-EN 1177:2008
  • Safe for humans and environment according to norm EN71-2 en EN71-3
  • Brand safety according to the norm EN597-1


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Rubber scraps
The unique characteristics of rubber work fall breaking underneath every play set. Rubber doesn't rot and doesn't soak up water, which means the ground underneath stays cleaner than with other materials. Rubber scraps are very suitable as a ground cover between plants, where they give protection against frost in the winter and against evaporation during summer. And what about trials made out of rubber scraps?

Bound rubber
At places with little to no oversight, or at places with an uneven ground or where there is a slope in the play space you can choose to bind the rubber scraps. By adding a binder a homogenous mass develops with similar characteristics as a layer of rubber scraps. 8 mm scraps of HomeGrass Group are ideal for this. The scraps get mixed with a polyurethane binder on location. Because of the large quantity of rubber scraps the product doesn't lose its elasticity and stays water-permeable. This means an expensive drainage system is often not necessary. Because it's bound we can guarantee that the thickness will always be even.

The benefits

  •   Will last for years, 10 times longer than wood or sand. So no added annual expenses
  •  No yearly replacement or additional scraps needed
  •  Available in many UV resistant colours, which don't stain and which are therefor adaptable to the atmosphere and surroundings.
  •  Rubber Scraps don't compact so the layer thickness and fall height will stay the same
  •  Rubber Scraps don't absorb water, so there won't be any puddles and mud
  •  Rubber doesn't rot and don't blow away like wooden chips
  •  Rubber Scraps don't freeze, which means the HIC-worths will be guaranteed even in winter
  •  It's not attractive to fogs, cats, insects and birds
  •  In the border rubber scraps work isolating. They give extra warmth in the winter and coolness during summer.
  •  There is less evaporation with rubber scraps
  •  Rubber scraps are made out of old tires, which means they're good for the environment


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