Installation, maintenance and advice

The artificial grass of HomeGrass Group is usable for every thinkable application. For the best result it's important to walk through the installation. For this expertise is needed. Next to delivering the best and most beautiful quality artificial grass HomeGrass Group distinguishes itself with intensive support around the installation of artificial grass projects. With the help of an installation service by professionals there is always a fitting solution nearby.

Advice and support

Next to the support that HomeGrass offers for artificial grass projects, HomeGrass Group offers professional, trustworthy, independent and completely open ended advice and can answer all questions regarding artificial grass. Due to the 15 years of experience in artificial grass a lot of knowledge, experience and know how was gained that is gladly shared with customers. Sharing knowledge and working together is what HomeGrass stands for. A long term vision that is focused on quality and durability.

Maintenance, repair and renovation

Whether it's a playing field, a garden or a play location with artificial grass with fall protection, all kinds of artificial grass need maintenance. The maintenance has many benefits outside the groomed appearance the artificial grass application will keep. The benefits of artificial grass with fall protection obviously apply to fall protection first. An optimal fall protection will lengthen the life expectancy, gives a better user experience and prevents a slippery underground. For playing fields and gardens the benefits of good maintenance are of course keeping up the quality. Except that this lengthens the life expectancy of the artificial grasmat, the specific sport and play technical characteristics of the artificial grass will be preserved. Good maintenance gives a great presentation of the garden of playing field and makes sure the artificial grass meets the requirements of the guarantee.

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Maintenance team

If people want to optimally enjoy the artificial grass application they need to maintain it well. Removing dirt, sweeping the leaves and brushing the artificial grass are a few of the activities that fall under this task. Cleaning the artificial grass and repairing it are a few of our specialties. HomeGrass Group will always offer a solution. So you want to make sure your maintenance is done with the upmost care? Let HomeGrass Group do the work. By using a specialised maintenance team that we use for all artificial grass projects we can make sure that the artificial grass can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

Possibilities and solutions

HomeGrass Group can offer both specific as periodical maintenance of all applications of the artificial grass. We make sure that you can maintain the requirements of your artificial grass mat and that you will always be able to enjoy an optimally cared for garden or playground. Are you interested in our services to maintain the look and quality of your artificial grass? Contact us now. No strings attached.