Home Grass Construction materials

HomeGrass Group is the total supplier of everything in the field of artificial grass. That's why HomeGrass Group also offers construction materials and other products to install artificial grass and to reach a perfect end result.

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  •  Pressure distributing canvas; stabilises the foundation of the artificial grass
  •  Kit and glue band; for glueing artificial grass seams together
  •  Artificial grass tape; for glueing artificial grass seams together quick and easy
  •  Artificial grass anchors; for an extra strong attachment to the artificial grass
  •  Artificial grass Trolley; to easy move the artificial grass
  •  Quartz sand; sanding the artificial grass with this special sand gives a more stable layout of the grass mat and protection of the artificial grass fibers.
  •  Shockdrain; a mat with fall protection that works draining, which ensures save playing.
  •   Cutting knife; available in different types.