HomeGrass Group: The complete supplier for everything in the field of artificial grass!

HomeGrass Group delivers artificial grass for all thinkable uses. Artificial grass is a durable product that is used more and more to add a green element to a garden or project. The newest generation artificial grass of HomeGrass Group is indistinguishable of a natural grass mat, but the difference is noticeable in the maintenance and look. HomeGrass Group has over 15 years of experience in artificial grass and is the partner in artificial grass. It also stands for quality, customer orientated service and personal contact.

HomeGrass Group only sells products of top quality. The artificial grass complies to the European norm and is a 100% lead and cadmium free. The threads also have a Diamant, C or W shape which makes the grass even stronger.

Customer orientated service
HomeGrass Group is an independent and trustworthy partner for her customers. Next to the delivery of the best quality artificial grass they can count on intensive support and advice around the construction of artificial grass. Goal orientated marketing and ecommerce activities contribute to a high turnover rate. HomeGrass Group has the expertise in house for this and distinguishes itself by offering unique sales support to customers.

Personal contact
HomeGrass Group strives to build personal and fun relationships with her partners. The need of the client is central and they always search for the most fitting solution.

HomeGrass Group is the partner for:

  •  Natural artificial grass for gardens, play and sport projects
  •  Artificial grass with certified fall protection
  •  Coloured artificial grass
  •  Complete solutions, advice, installation, maintenance and repair service

If you choose HomeGrass Group you choose an organisation:

  •  that gives good and honest advice;
  •  which is flexible and works together with you;
  •  that works with quality, high end products only.

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