Natural artificial grass: for every thinkable application!

Child friendly, soft and natural looking artificial grass. HomeGrass dealers lay it on a daily basis. The grass is indistinguishable of real grass. Mowing the lawn will forever be in the past and you will have a fresh and green lawn all year long.

Home Grass dealers only sell products of top quality. The artificial grass complies to the European norms and is a 100% lead and cadmium free. The threads also have a Diamant, C or W shape which makes the grass even stronger. The artificial grass stays upwards more thanks to this and with intensive usage the artificial grass fiber consistently comes back to its upward position. Flattening the artificial grass is countered by this.

 Home Grass kunstgras is powered by Ten Cate. TenCate develops and produces artificial grass fibers and components. TenCate strives for a natural look and artificial grass that has the characteristics of real glass, but with a longer life expectancy. TenCate grass is technology driven and has a leading market position on an international basis.

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Why artificial grass? The benefits:

  •  Maintenance friendly
  •  Natural look
  •  Child and pet friendly
  •  10 year guarantee
  •  Durable
  •  Always green grass
  •  Weather resistance
  •  Cost efficient
  •  100% lead and cadmium free
  •  Soft touch
  •  High UV stability and hardwearing
  •  Dutch fabrication


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Next to the above mention HomeGrass is continuously busy with product development and innovation with the goal to guarantee the quality and safety of the products and services now and in the future! Both HomeGrass as well as the professional dealers would love to interact with private clients, gardeners, pavers, indoor and outdoor architects, project developers, construction companies, companies within the recreation sector and suppliers of playground sets.


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